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10390 NC Hwy 86 N
Providence, NC   27315

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You just can't hide that Panda Pride!
You just can't hide that Panda Pride!

 If you call after hours or call while we're experiencing heavy call volume, you can dial these extensions to reach the voicemail of your child's teacher or one of North's staff members: 

Office Extensions
201  B. Moore (Secretary)
202  C. Murray (Principal)
204  K. Louhoff (School Counselor)
206  C. Hughes (Data Manager)
207  K. Shelton (Nurse) 
               *Please note that she works between North and South, so she won't be at North every day to check voicemail. 
208  M. Millwood (Librarian)
Grade Teacher Extension
Pre-K J. Giles 3221  
K S. Adkins 3224  
  L. Smith 3204  
  T. Jones 3203  
  T. Williams 3211  
1st A. Boswell 3208  
  S. Gammon 3205  
  C. McNeill 3207  
2nd D. Arnold 3201  
  S. Barker 3206  
  L. Ranzo 3209  
  B. Floyd 3210  
3rd D. Diggs 3202  
  S. Painter 3216  
  E. Smith 3214  
  P. Wall 3213  
4th S. Hodges 3219  
  M. Smith 3215  
  C. Edwards 3220  
5th R. Loftis 3222  
  S. Newberry  3223  
  J. Lee 3217  
Other Voicemail Extensions
3212  North's Exceptional Children Dept.

 K. Self (Instructional Coach)