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Registration Information

We're glad to have new Pandas joining our school! There are a few things we need to have before your child can start school.

First, there are a few forms we need to have filled out before your child can start. Keep in mind that your child's first day of school will be the day after we receive these completed forms: 

  • Registration Form: We use this form as a means of contact with the child's parents/guardians. Near the end of the form we have a mandatory contact list, so that if your child is sick and we cannot reach you, we will call those contacts. Also, we will only allow the people on this sheet to pick up the child from school. Please complete all information requested on this form, then sign and date it. If any changes need to be made to this sheet, please let us know. 


  • Request for Records: If your child attended another school in the past, we need this form completed so that we can fax it to the previous school to send us any paperwork that they have.



  • Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire: For new Kindergarten students, this form is also required to bring to Kindergarten Registration. For questions regarding the date of Kindergarten Registration and which appointments are available, please call the school (336) 388-2222.


Second, we need to have a copy of the following documentation: 

  • Certified Birth Certificate: If you do not have the certified birth certificate, you may use our Request Form to order a new one. If we do not have these records by 30 days after your child has enrolled, your child will be suspended until we have the documentation.


  • Parent/Guardian photo ID


  • Proof of Residence: If your photo ID/Driver's License does not have your current address on it, we need documentation of residency (name and address) in Caswell County. Acceptable documentation includes current: lease, utility bill, final real estate contract, deed, contract to purchase, or pay stub from your current employer. If you do not have any of these documents or if you just moved, you can find our Affidavit which you must have notarized by a notary public.


  • Child's social security card (optional)


  • Guardianship or Custody Papers: Supply if applicable. If you list someone on the Registration form that is not allowed to pick up a child, we must have current documentation on file.


***We also need a Health Assessment and Certified Immunization records, which may be sent by the previous school. If this is a first time entrance into North Carolina, you, the parent/guardian, are required to provide that information. If we do not have these records by 30 days after your child has enrolled, your child will be suspended until we have the documentation.